Harvey Weinstein, rapist.

After the verdict was read, the one-time King of Hollywood was handcuffed (and “stunned,” reportedly) and hauled away. This morning, as he was being transported to Rikers Island to await sentencing, he suffered heart palpitations and was instead taken to a hospital. As millions of women came down from their last-minute fears that Weinstein was going to go free, the nation’s fiercest writers began sharpening their instruments to document this pivotal event in the movement his abuse ignited, and to predict what comes next.

In Philippine red-light district, an uphill struggle to battle trafficking and abuses

At the back of the stage, a 14-year-old in black heels hunched her shoulders and tried to shrink into the shadows. It has been more than a year since she was trafficked into the dimly lit nightclub about 50 miles north of Manila. She is among hundreds of girls supplied each year in Angeles City to meet the demands of foreign men paying for sex — many of whom are American.